Editorial: Setting Realistic expections from the President-Elect and his team

Gambians courageously came out and voted a Dictator out without a single bullet being fired or confrontation with the opposit side. Credit must be given to the Gambian people for their peaceful nature… The nation barely woke up to a shock and Owe of defeating an entrenched dictator for 22 years who incited fear and terror in our people. Government officials, religious leaders, political opponents, security personnel, ordinary citizens and almost everyone was terrified of saying anything. No one expected this miraculous will of the must mighty to happen so soon and more importantly so peacefully.
Yes, the real work is ahead. We need to bring our people together and rebuild our relationships, trust and love for country. For now, it is surreal that change has come to Gambian and everyone is pinching themselves to see if they are dreaming. No it is REAL Change has come to Gambia!.. Please allow the people to celebrate, take it all in and readjust to the reality. Allow the new coalition to take it in as well, discuss and come up with a plan backed by the people and for the people. For now our focus should continue to sensitize people that change is here and nothing can stop that Change! The people did this for Gambia and they must be allowed to celebrate it without more fear and pessimism.
Mr. Jammeh and his team have got the message loud and clear; the people have taken back their country and the new leadership will do it right because we will make sure they do… We trust the coalition leadership will do this right. They have wealth of leadership experience but have never governed.. So we must understand the challenges. For those expecting a press statement, that is in order.. The President-elect should address the people and we believe it is going to happen sooner. We urge patience and understanding that Gambia cannot be expected to operate as a regular democracy barely three days into shocking the world… It shall be well, and Gambia will gradually transition into a full fledged democracy and beacon of hope for human rights and equal opportunities.. For now let the Gambian people enjoy their victory and yes sooner rather than later the real work of reforming the system will take center stage.
We believe that the transition team must focus on reforms, reforms and reforms. We must secure the institutions of over government. We must begin to rebuild the foundations of checks and balances. We must ensure that current leaders of institutions know that a new day is dawn in Gambia and once again they can go back to managing their departments according to expectations and not from the dictates of a leader. We trust that the Gambian people generally are good people and they mean well for the country. They must not fear no more, they must realize that their own future lies in the way they handle their responsibilities and themselves. All political prisoners must be released and accorded justice with immediate effect… They deserve not a day more in court! Jammeh must be urged to sign a declaration to release them as he is still the legal president. We expect nothing less! 
Gambia has been liberated and Yahya Jammeh and his group must do the right thing from now on or face the full force of the law. We expect nothing less than a clean transition of power. All government resources must be preserved, all records must be kept in tact and nothing shall be moved or destroyed. To the Gambian people, change has come to Gambia and we must support the transition to execute in the best interest of the country and its people. To all who have been victims of the brutal regime, the Gambian people are with you and your families. The Gambia is grateful for your sacrifices and assure you that the prize you pay has not and will not go in vain. Your concerns must be addressed by the new government in due course and justice must be rendered as appropriate. The Gambian people must recognize the pain and sufferings you have endured for 22 years and it must be addressed through a truth and reconciliation commission. Thank you for your sacrifice..
To the President-Elect and his team the work of healing our nation begins now. While others celebrate you must begin the realistic work of putting the Gambia on a sound footing. You are no longer a government in waiting or an opposition.. Yes you are no longer an opposition you are now in charge. The people have high expectations of you and you must deliver for the people. Never again shall the Gambian people be subjected to inhumane degradation. Never again shall Gambians fear living in their own country, fear to speak their minds or for the safety their children or spouses to go out and not come back. It is time to get to work for our people! You are assured of our commitment to continue the enlightenment for the Gambian people and we shall hold you too accountable to the people and you will hear us loud and clear where you err or did well. Our solemn duty has been dedicated to Gambia and Gambia only. Once again congratulations to the Gambian people. 

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