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Our Attorney General who quite frankly makes me very nervous at times hasn’t said a thing about most crucial things Gambians are yearning to see change. On the contrary, the few things he has said so far, indicates someone who sees no haste in the enormous task he is charged with because in on one occasion, he all but publicly disparaged one of his colleagues for quickly taking a few of Yahya Jammeh’s fellow murderers off our streets, and in another he informed us that the much-touted Truth and Reconciliation Commission won’t be sitting until December 2017!So for all practical puposes, the social Reconciliation part  in Gambia  won’t even begin until sometime in Q1 2018 when people begin to come to terms with the truth about what happened to their loved ones from their victimizers’ mouth. As usual, most Gambians seem to completely miss the import of this. We are yet to hear of a package of legislation being pushed by Tambedou to deal with avoiding a repeat of the madness of the recent past. With so many “low hanging fruits”, I can’t help but wonder what’s going on. Such a scenario (of a financial nature,) is the origin of the famous 100 Days mark. Everyone I know has an idea of what they want to see change in the constitution. Tambedou needs to get the ball rolling. There will be twitches and changes based on compromise and consultations like everywhere else, but we cannot continue with this snail’s pace of his . Here is a list of my priority areas:

  1. ALL public positions from Regional Administrators/Governors to President should be directly elected by the people they govern.

  2. A two-five years’ term of office for ALL public offices beginning with President -to be an entrenched clause.

  3. An incumbent President defeated at the polls must vacate office within 48 hours, but he/she and all senior officials of the outgoing administration from cabinet level MUST remain in The Gambia for 120 days to supervise the handing over to their successors and or to answer relevant questions relating to their stewardship. Read Full Story Here 

    By Saul Saidykhan Mantankara blog


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  1. All traces of APRC and NIA must be removed from power within the New Gambia. Any retention of these groups or their affiliates is highly undesirable. I am just a visitor to the Gambia but I see that these continuing influences are tantamount to retaining the Gestapo after the fall of Hitler.

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