Demba K. Sowe of the Police Demoted And Redeployed to Interpol


By Our Banjul Correspondent

Sources reaching this paper through our competent source on the ground indicated that one Mr. Demba K. Sowe, from Kampassa, a long term service man of over 30 years with the Police has been demoted to a lower position within the Police force; from Commissioner of Administration to Interpol, to make way for the reinstatement of one Mr. Abdoulie Sanyang as the Commissioner of the administration. Our source added that Mr. Sowe was jailed for 20 months under Jammeh for exposing corruption at the NIA and some South African resident in the Gambia at the time that was involved in some illegal dealing with Jammeh’s criminal regime.

The source questioned if we are witnessing the re-victimization of some of Jammeh’s innocent victims all over again, by some form of nepotism and selective amnesia from the new Government, citing the likes of Masanneh Kinteh, Inspector General of Police Yankuba Sonko, Yankuba Drammeh, and a lot more, all one time loyal and at full service to Jammeh’s criminality, who are still being celebrated by this regime and being either left or stationed in higher positions of authority.

The Barrow administration through its interior ministry is here by being put on notice that Citizens are awake and watching. It is therefore in the interest of the Gambia to do the right thing only and avoid any form of selective amnesia.


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