Commentary: July 22nd Clebrations, 2013


imagesBy Fakebba J. Samateh, UK

This year’s July 22 anniversary was celebrated by recitations of the holy Quran in respect of the month of Ramadan according to President Yahya Jammeh and his government. Whoa, wonders shall never end. President Jammeh now want Gambians to see or belief he truly or really cares about Islam and Gambian muslims. Oh what  hypocricy? Was it not this same Yahya Jammeh who killed 9 muslims in the same month of Ramadan  last year? Yet muslims gathered at State house to eat and drink and receive tokens to break their fasts with their families? What a mockery of Allah, Islam and Prophet Muhammad (phuh)
Oh Gambia Oh Gambia, a nation once loving, caring and beautiful smiling country. Gambia for the past 19 years has become the laughing stock of the entire globe with a confused tyrant whose wife has no regard for Islam despite being born  a so called muslim family and country and who was recently seen shopping in the US not even thinking  it was ramadan. I sometimes wonder what goes on in Jammeh kunda when the cameras are not rolling during Ramadan. I have no doubt in my mind Yahya Jammeh himself does not fast the whole month. I know many people would doubt  this claim because of how he appears to people but look at it this way. If Zainab who has equally gone to pilgrimage countless number of times and unknown Umras can disrespect Islam constantly dressing like a street call girl, please Gambians, investigate her husband throuroughly and you would find something that would drop your jaws.
Let us ask people who knew this man Yahya Jammeh before 1994 and they will tell you how many days in Ramadan he ever fast if there was even one. The man’s big fat tommy can’t stay 7 hours without food. Remember he is a known diabetic and high blood patient so how can he even fast even if he were late Omar Bun Jeng? Fake muslims at state house . I now call them fake man and woman instead of first man and first Lady for Yahya is the last man in everything except force and Zainab is the last woman not even a lady in everything except grabbing money and saving it outside Gambia while her husband arrest beggars.
This family has cause so much harm to humanity that the war crimes would be a hotel of happiness for them. I belief they should be kept at the same Bambadinka and mile 2 like their victims. How many men has this monster killed just because he suspect them having an affair with Zainab? Well we knew of Almamo Manneh and Illo Jallow who were both killed but there are many who disappeared just like that just because a man can’t take it when her so called beautiful once call girl still want to taste her once enjoyable trade something she enjoyed and because of which the tyrant came to know her meet her and marry her. Yahya knows Zainab more than anyone and that is why he has not bothered himself for Zainab to build love with the Gambia. What has actually tied this woman to the Gambia? Nothing except Yahya Jammeh. She has no friends, no relatives except her two kids and no confidant. She is just there once and then next minute, she is in the air flying like an American drone. I belief Zainab should have been our foreign minister because she flies more than birds even. At least that would have saved a little for Gambian tax payers.
On the other hand our munafiq leader when the cameras starts rolling, he would become more pious than the Imam of mecca but wait till he takes off those white gowns. He becomes another different character more brutal than Hitler, king Leopard of Belgium, Idi Amin, or even Gaddafi his mentor. Here is a man who claims to have found a cure for Aids which is not true, cure for ashma which is not true, found oil in the Gambia which is not true, would provide trains in the Gambia before the end of 2013 which also is not true. What else can he tell us that would be the truth yet all the above came from a Nasiru deen? Gambians need to wake up from their self inflicted intoxicated sleep and see the rising sun that had now come up to noon. Otherwise we could be heading for total collapse. This President , last Tobaski , forcefully twisted all poor Gambians by devaluing all foreign currencies making all sorts of bugos claims only for it to rise few days later after Tobaski even higher that it used to be before the devaluations. Now again in this blessed Ramadan greed had blinded the born against Islam Leader to do it again by devaluing foreign currencies just for few days again. It is rising like a tidal wave non stop. Can’t Gambians see before this man’s idols would one day ask for all our heads?
How can Gambians easily forget? Is Yahya Jammeh the only good Gambian and all of them are half good or not good at all and it is the one and only good Jilanka that can make them good? Remember the Soldiers with a difference group? How many are left today? Numero one. The rest were all rotten thats why they were cast out but not at once. it was two, one and one until all are finally done. Then the number of ministers? Chei, Parmanent Secretaries, Directors, Army Officers, Police IGPs, senior police, MPs Speakers, IEC Chairmen and officials, you name it. Nearly half of Gambian’s educated elites all half good or not good at all and only Yahya Jammeh is good with the country at heart?. He said they do not have the nation at heart. Chei so only he has so much a love for us right? What is wrong with the Gambia? How can all these people be wrong and only one man is right. He loves the Gambia so much that he bought a multimillion mansion for his family in the United States. The money if shared equally amongst Gambians including those unborn, each would have at least 100, 000 dalasis.
But no! We should remain poor so that we can keep begging him for Ramadan sugar and Tobaski ram. Because he loves us so much that he can throw cartons of buiscuits at our children and while they scrambble over it, he could crush them not thinking of any one asking for explainations because it is the man who loves and care about the Gambia so much. Because he loves us so much that he can make us disappear overnight and make any cooked up announcement on the Radio and Televission that our brothers, husbands, uncles, fathers, friends have excaped while being transported to Janjanbury when the vehicle trasporting them summersaulted without bothering to explain what happened to the driver of the said vehicle or the guards escorting those Gambians because the announcement was sanctioned by the big man himself, the Nasiru Deen who love the Gambia more than Gambia itself. This man loves the Gambia so much that he should seize all businesses and run it on his own because he is the only Gambian who can make prices cheap for poor Gambians due to his benevolence towards us. This Nasiru deen loves us so much that he can never do any wrong. Always someone else is at fault while we Gambian scrambbled over our own brothers who too are victims like us. Infact Yahya Jammeh had fooled us more than them because he plays with our intelligences more than he does theirs.
Here is a man we all call evil yet when ever he fire someone, all our attentions revert to such stories thus missing his next move. This has been his dice game on and on for 19 years, I mean 19 horrible years. Every year he hires and fires yet all Gambians in and outside do is say a big GOOD for them hell no! What do we expect them to do? All Gambians in the Gambia stay out of work for 19 years?? Hello! Is this how much we want Gambians to suffer? Who said without people working for this monster would make him go? Remember he has his army, police, diehard supporters still and some non Gambians doing his bidding day in and day out. I think we have all missed so much. Yahya Jammeh is so sharp intelligent that he has won all of us in the Game. I mean each and every Gambian. He hires and fires as he likes, locks people up as he likes, with no regards to our constitution yet everyone is muted because anytime he fires someone, that person or persons have been drowned so muddy in his evil daddy kama brush that they always smell when they come towards us. As a result we all run with our hands on our noses. And we would continue talking about his those smelly former staff till he strikes again. Yet we fail to undersstand that the main man still inside smells worst. There cannot be any discription on how bad he smells. If we allow him more years, by the time he comes out, no stream, pond or river in the Gambia can clean him for public acceptance.

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