Breaking News: Gambia Gov’t Cancels over 270 Gambian Diplomatic Passports Issued by the Former Regime


Gainako has received a list of Diplomatic Passports issued to Gambians during the Jammeh regime. Two hundred and Seventy-0ne (271) Diplomatic Passports were issued to Gambians of various positions and caliber during the Jammeh regime. Below Gainako publishes the list of Names and Passport numbers of all who were issued Gambian Diplomatic passports… According a diplomatic Cable issue by the Barrow government intercepted by Gainako reporters, the Diplomatic passports have been cancelled with immediate effect. Authorities around the world have been notified to reject any of these passports presented by anybody Gambian or otherwise…


List of Gambian Diplomatic Passports Cancelled

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    Jammeh is a hero, he knew how to keep the Gambia free for 23 years without accepting any handover from anyone on his country. Those who currently denigrate him are people in the pay of the foreigner including France. What he advances as so-called crimes committed during his reign is only a worse lie conforming to the methods of France when it wants to isolate a leader who does not accept his dictates and to the French saying “whoever wants to kill His dog the rage tax “. As for Barrow, he is far from having a democratic behavior, since he came to power his priority priority is to seek all day evil to his predecessor who willingly left him a power he does not Not deserve and reward as some rabid dogs do to their masters.

    • Gainako editor on

      Are you serious? Jammeh kept Gambia free from what the colonial masters while he oppressed his own people, loot our resources.

      Why are Africans so ignorant of their own plight? Why do you think oppression only comes from the Colonial powers. 131 landed properties, 90 Bank accounts, walk away with millions and you still think that person deserve to rule a country?

      Please understand your own situation before blaming others. African dictator’s are worst than the colonialist.. what a shame!

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