Arrested Former NIA Deputy Director Louis Gomez; was most brutal Killer of the NIA


The Deputy Director General of former NIA and probably the most brutal officer of the agency Louis Gomez has been arrested alongside with Haruna Susso Officer Commanding Operations (OIC), Dawda Ndure who was second in command of Counter Espionage and Lamin Sanyang a medical Doctor responsible for all tortures and medical care for detainees. The arrest of the four came a day after the former DG Yankuba Badjie and Sheikh Omar Jeng Director of Operations were napped by the new government in Banjul.

Louis Gomez occupied the most powerful positions of the former NIA agency. He was Deputy Director of the NIA; Director of Internal Security and person responsible for approving all expenditures within the NIA agency. Though the Deputy Director General to Yankuba Badjie Louis had the eyes and ears of Dictator Yahya Jammeh. He was believed to have total control of all operations in the NIA and was the most powerful person next to Yahya Jammeh. As Director of Internal security Louis was in charge of every single operation in the NIA inside and outside the Gambia… Every arrest, every torture and killings were ordered by Louis Gomez. He personally witnessed and supervised the tortures and killings of citizens. He interviews and forces detainees to confess who are being tortured by interrupting and asking tortured victims how they were feeling.

Louise Gomez is reported to own several lands seized and owned by Yahya Jammeh. He is reported to own a plot of land for every allocation Yahya Jammeh has designed for himself. According to reliable NIA sources, Louis Gomez is the most brutal NIA agent ever to be employed by the Agency. Louis is originally from Guinea Bissau but came to Gambia when he was young. He attended school in Gambia and went to the School of Public Health at the Gambia College. He served few years as Public Health Official before being brought to the NIA. He quickly rose through the ranks not because of his merits but simply because he was willing to do the dirty work of torture and killings for Yahya Jammeh.

His arrest has been welcome within the NIA and is seen as a great step in the right direction to achieving Justice for his victims. Louis is alleged to have personally killed Daba Marenah and Co. He was also involved in the arrest and disappearance of Alhagie Ceesay and Ebou Jobe. Sources indicated that Louis knows first hand information what may have happened to these two US Gambian citizens. Louis also frequented Dakar Senegal and was responsible for some of the NIA operations that took place in Dakar Senegal. He plotted against dissidents in Senegal and may have orchestrated the kidnapping of dissidents who disappeared in Gambia.

Story filed by D. Baldeh Associate Editor


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  1. Do not retain the slightest remnant of the NIA………all its affiliated must be brouhgt to justice. Keeping the slightest vestige would be like retaining the Gestapo after th fall of HItler.

  2. Louis was already an NIA agent even before he went to the school of public health. He was a notorious absentee in school and I even doubt that he passed his exams.

  3. Abdoulie Badjan on

    Please gainako I know that he has being continually referred as such but lamin sanyang is not a doctor. He was trained as a nurse. Please contact the gambia medical and dental council for clarification.

  4. Some fundamental errors about Mr Gomez. I believe in justice and all but reporting what you don’t really know about is dangerous. Who told you he was born in Guinea or attended school of public health? If these are not right then what is other information you have provided is correct?

    • Well, if you have proof that he was born in the Gambia and did not attend the public health we will be happy to add the information. Just remember many of you did not realize Gambia was the same family and a small country. That people went to school together, grew up together, work together and knows each others’ families. We stand by 100% on our story until proven otherwise…

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