• bird
    A Poem: My un-sweet songs

              A Poem: My un-sweet songs I often hear the little birds sing sweet in chorus And I wanted the same melody songs Because my voice wasn’t sweet enough Though it came from the center of my heart So I still sat there singing aloud from my lungs I sang for…

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    The Gambia: the venerable Sayerr Jobe and the ....

              By Mathew K Jallow The outcry was swift. The reaction was scathing. And the condemnations; relentless and laced with pejorative verbiage. A nation perpetually mired in severe social and economic disaffection, was once again challenged by an arrogant showcase of imperial unilateralism. Notwithstanding the influences of our colonial culture, the…

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    Breaking News:  Senegalese Authorities Denied UK Based ....

          Are Senegalese Authorities Complacent in helping  Jammeh Crackdown  on Independent Journalists? News reaching Gainako has it that UK based Gambian  Journalist and Radio broadcaster Pa Modou Bojang (Prince) of Kibaaro Radio has been denied entry visa into Senegal . Mr. Bojang was  planning on traveling to Senegal on Monday March 16th on…

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    Your ABC and 123 of Gambian Political Economy

      Series by Sarjo Bayang Understanding of relationship between the economy, politics and society is crucial to making those governing accountable to the general public as key stakeholders. Everyone is affected in vast ways about economic and political conditions of a country. This is true about Gambia also. For that reason alone and much more,…

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  • gcpa 23
    The Gambia Christian Organization of Washington DC Silently ....

      In May 2015, The Gambia Christian Association of Washington DC will be celebrating ten years of existence as an organization. During the last ten years this group have went on their business and silently in their own way, play vital roles in the lives of many young people in The Gambia. The organization also…

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    Is PDOIS being Exceedingly Difficult?

       For us to attain any gains in our pursuit of freeing The Gambia from the tentacles of a 20 year dictatorship, we must embrace the culture of impartiality, brevity and honesty in our actions as well as our political discourses. For far too long, many observed that most of our political pundits, commentators and…

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  • Halifa Sallah, candidate from the coalit
    PDOIS’ Reaction to CORDEG’S Press Release

      Halifa Sallah For the Central Committee 11th  March 2015  The Gambia is at a crossroads. The party in power has demonstrated its total  incapacity to free the people from impunity and poverty. However, its administration cannot end peacefully unless a process is put in place which would enable the vast majority of people, who…

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    The African Expectations Post Independence

      Over the years through many discussions and from experience with my family, friends   and collogue  regarding the plight of Africa I came to realize we as Africans have very low expectations, the bar for most African people and societies  are usually set very low. Starting out in life with low expectations will eventually lead…

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  • 3
    How Younger Generation of Gambians were Misled by President ....

       By Sarjo Bayang Apart from rampant corruption and gross abuse of his position as president there is further damage that Yaya Jammeh badly inflicted on Gambian society. Since coming to power by staging a coup, Jammeh has been shrewdly utilising public resources to destroy young persons in Gambia by calculated systematic process revealed through…

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    UN Report of the Special Rapporteur on torture and other ....

      FULL REPORT OF THE UNITED NATIONS ON GAMBIA’S PRISON & HUMAN RIGHTS  Report of the Special Rapporteur on torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, Juan E. Méndez Mission to The Gambia* ** Summary        The Special Rapporteur on torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment undertook a visit to…

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  • unnamed
    Aline Sittoe Diatta (Jatta) – African Heroine, ....

    By Sainey Faye May 8th, 1943- On this date Aline Sittoe Diatta (Jatta) was arrested by the French colonial forces. Aline Sittoe Diatta was born in 1910, whilst others say 1920; but was not born inside or out of royalty in the African society of Kabrousse; which was once a a kingdom of the Jolas.The society…

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  • Miss Jarju
    Ya Binta Jarju laid to rest at Jeshwang cemetery amid heavy ....

      Ya Binta Jarju, the 27 year old cashier has been laid to rest at the Jeshwang Muslim Cemetery at 17:00 hrs GMT with heavy NIA presence according to a source.  According to the same source, no remorse was shown by members of the security forces present. The scene at the cemetery was somber and…

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    The Gambia: Agenda 2016; the nexus of deception, propaganda ....

              By Mathew K Jallow Suddenly, it has taken center stage in the political discourse, to assume the dominant role in yet another historic “presidential” election cycle. In previous elections, the issue came up almost as an afterthought, and typically, the response was, as always, arrogant disregard. This year seems a…

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    Appreciating the Past to Forge A Successful Coalition in ....

      By Ebrima Manneh Under the first republic, Gambians enjoyed and exercised their freedom. They exercised dissent and were not afraid to criticize the government on the issues that impacted their daily lives. They were confident that such criticism will not get them killed or land them in jail. The people enjoyed the liberty of…

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  • unnamed
    International Women’s day: A reflection

    By Fatou Jaw Manneh “A wise woman wishes to be no one’s enemy; a wise woman refuses to be anyone’s victim” –Maya Angelou. I was growing up in my native land, The Gambia, I never heard of anything called International Woman or Women’s Day. I am Muslim, and going by tradition and religion, and as…

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    Ferguson judge behind aggressive fines policy owes $170,000 ....

        Ronald J Brockmeyer, who is accused of fixing traffic tickets for himself and associates, was a driving force behind using fines and fees to generate revenue. The judge in Ferguson, Missouri, who is accused of fixing traffic tickets for himself and colleagues while inflicting a punishing regime of fines and fees on the…

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    The Cartoon Character – Part II

      By Baba Galleh Jallow Hashtag Momla Rekati was flabbergasted. He was totally flummoxed and besides himself with a combination of rage, worry and confusion that threatened to blow his pear-shaped head into a thousand small pieces. For a long time he gazed at his latest depiction as Mr. Anonymous. No eyes, no nose, no…

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    Gambia will never Develop or Progress under Yaya Jammeh’s ....

      By Sarjo Bayang Without needing to think hard or far, the truth is right under your nose. For more than 20 years Yaya Jammeh keeps recycling assorted brands of deception. Certainly were Jammeh not one big fool to think he is able to escape scrutiny by curiously attentive observers then majority of Gambians can…

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  • Halifa Sallah, candidate from the coalit
    Public Notice from PDOIS Headquarters

      4TH March 2015 This is to convey for public notice that PDOIS has held no meeting with CORDEG.  The Central Committee is investigating the source of the misrepresentation of the party and would issue a public statement on the matter in due course. Halifa Sallah   6,680 total views, no views today

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    CORDEG Initiates political dialogue for Gambian Opposition ....

      Meets with UPD, PPP Leaders and PDOIS Representative Hon. Ousainou Darbo, Hon. Omar Jallow (OJ) and Malik Kah of PDOIS’s European Chapter, met on 23 February 2015 with CORDEG executive members to discuss important matters relating to the scheduled 2016 elections. The meeting lasted one hour and thirty minutes and brainstormed on the following pertinent…

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    GCC revamping to meeting ongoing challenges

      The Gambia Consultative Council, in order to meet past and new challenges, has revamped its executive. In light of the recent resignation of a high profile member, Mr. Falai Baldeh, and the aborted effort to restore democracy and the rule of law in Gambia, the executive decided, after prolonged consultations, among members, to realign…

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