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    Senegalese President Refused to be intimidated by a ....

      Senegalese President Macky Sall appears to have enough of the blatant intimidating tactics coming from the President of its next door neighbor Yahya Jammeh. Since his election as President of Senegal in 2012 Macky Sall has made several overtures to extend a hand to the Gambian President Yahya Jammeh.  Shortly after being elected Mr….

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    Potential bloodbath being orchestrated by Gambia Government ....

       PRESS RELEASE POTENTIAL BLOODBATH BEING ORCHESTRATED BY GAMBIA GOVERNMENT AGAINST THE OPPOSITION UNITED DEMOCRATIC PARTY. The United Democratic Party (UDP) is informing the international community about a potential bloodbath being orchestrated by the Gambia Government against the party. Currently the UDP has embarked on a countrywide tour starting from 16th – 26th April, as…

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    Your ABC and 123 of Gambian Political Economy Part III

      Series by Sarjo Bayang Stakeholder Interests, Power, and Decision Making Properly functioning dispensation of public affairs takes into account and provides for all stakeholder shared interests. That is done with great fairness in order to ensure optimal satisfaction.  In this edition of our series on Gambian political economy we shall explore and examine the…

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    Pa Malick Ceesay Lower Saloum NAM, Ex-NEDI accountant ....

              When Gambians are told about the one man brutal system in Gambia, they come out swinging and denying every aspect of criticism against President Jammeh and his rogue regime. When facts are pointed out that Jammeh holds everyone accountable while he is not accountable to any citizen, they deny it…

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    Brand Africa:The African People

      Some say Kim Kardashian’s photo is worth at least a million USD and if you are Kim, it’s all about ‘looks.’ Nobody really cares what you actually do except looking good. Others say, but for Justin Bieber ‘looks’ alone are not enough. He should also produce the goods (the so called delicacies for the…

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    UDP Set to Tour the Nation April 16 – 26, 2015

      It’s no secret the appalling human rights abuses in the Gambia.  It is a known fact the serious economic mismanagement by the authorities in the Gambia.  These and many other issues are known quantities to everyone.  While we keep ourselves reminded of, and continue to criticize the current regime’s atrocities and maladministration, we must not lose sight of the…

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    The Eumeu Sene saga – another humiliation for Gambians

        By D. A. Jawo Once again, Gambians have been subjected to yet another humiliating embarrassment by no less a person than our own head of state. It is indeed hard to see any justification for President Yahya Jammeh to apparently stoop so low by not only inviting an ordinary Senegalese wrestler and giving…

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    The validity of Gambia’s death penalty regime: a question ....

      With the recent announcement of Courts Martial verdicts on the 30 December 2014 State House attacks, the question of the death penalty is back on the agenda as a topic of major public interest. Both sides of the underlying political spectrum informing the December events are curious as to whether The Gambia has a…

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    Where ACCOUNTABILITY to the Gambian People Stops and Begins?

      By Abdul Savage As we all are aware, Jammeh’s rule is an event receding into the past, into Gambian history, and we all know there is NO statute of limitation on murders in any civilized society, since the existence of mankind. In addition to “murders” we all are aware of, and tracking of millions…

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    Hillary Clinton: Race for the Presidency in America.

        Hillary Clinton: Race for the Presidency in America. By Yero Jallow “People say that if you find water rising up to your ankle, that’s the time to do something about it, not when it’s around your neck.” – Chinua Achebe. Oh well, good luck to the Clintons. Hillary Clinton has been dragging her…

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  • collins
    Is Barway Collins Body Found?

            Is Barway Collins Body Found? By Yero Jallow “A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer; it sings because it has a song” –Maya Angelou Oh well, heck yeah, some shocking news. The Minnesota Star tribune (, 4/12/15) reported that the body of a child was discovered at the Mississippi…

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    Editorial: They were my Children, Your Children, Our ....

      It is the epitome of the highest moral failure of not only the Gambia  government under Yahya Jammeh but the citizenry at large. The basic  fundamental obligation of any government and or society is to protect the  safety and security of its most vulnerable in the society; the young,  women and the elderly. Where…

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    Statement from NTCG on the 15th Anniversary of April 10th ....

        The NTCG mourns and unequivocally condemned the brutal killing of students 15 years ago by the security forces under the directives of Dictator Yaya Jammeh. This day and on the day that prefixes it on April 10th &11th respectively of the year 2000, Yaya Jammeh ordered the maiming of over 15 innocent students…

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    A Poem: 15 Years On –The Cry of Justice

                A Poem: 15 Years On –The Cry of Justice By Yero Jallow The cry of justice in thunder bolts weeping bitterly aloud Roaring with its rainbows, shine, and refreshing rains Who hears the sweet voices of redemption far and near? The wind carries the burden on its flying wings…

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    The UDP/PPP Political Conundrum we cannot Afford

      By Musa Jeng The PPP rally in Brikama, seen by many as the re-launching of the party, finally forced out what is seen as the inevitable UDP/PPP political conundrum. For all practical purposes these two parties are one of the same. The UDP came into being back in 1994, at the death bed of…

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    Can Citizenship Education Set Us on the Path to Regime ....

      By Ebrima Manneh After all the brutalization and sadistic treatment experienced under Yaya Jammeh’s reign, there is an unexplainable silence and conformity, loyalty and lack of a mass uprising that will shake and oust this regime. The fact that dictators use the fear psychosis and the “Big Lie Theory” as their propaganda doctrine in…

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    Jammeh’s Killers Indemnified with Troubled Conscience

       INDEMNITY? HOW ABOUT YOUR CONSCIENCE?  It’s that time of the year again. Never gets old. 15 years on, the pain and agony of one of the darkest days of our nation’s history remains fresh in our minds. The massacre that went unpunished, persistent ache and sadness of the families and nation with no closure….

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    Another April 10th and 11th! How Far are we away to ....

        By Modou C Nyang Is another April 10th and 11th, Fifteen years on the Count, the assurance to ensure Justice looks in impossible? As we (the Gambians) marks the 15th anniversary of the April 10 and 11 student demo this year which was brutally suppressed by the Gambian own security forces, resulting in the…

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    The Gambian Opposition: Some Honest Analysis Please

      By Alkali Conteh. Growing up in Sabbach-Sanjal in the early 1960’s we witnessed the Gambia’s political climate beginning to shape up. As the powers in charge were determined to derail the efforts of the emerging political landscape to bring self rule to our nation, our people turned to the grassroots to fight for what…

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    Reckless People

          By Momodou Ndow Hired fired hired fired and hired and fired again Arrested shackled paraded humiliated and jailed They return consciously seeking more thrill of shame Consumed by fear bearing gifts and praying for emperor How vain is blind and detrimental loyalty to the soul Conscience on vacation and decadence filling in…

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    Breaking News: Another Gambian Elected Council man in ....

                      Incumbent Council man Joe Clausius By Demba Baldeh It is official ~ Gambian born US naturalized citizen Samba Baldeh has won his election bit for a Council man seat in District 17 Madison Wisconsin.  Mr. Baldeh who contested against a four times incumbent Senior Council man…

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