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    Will The Minnesota Federal Courts Deliver Justice? Part 4

    Will The Minnesota Federal Courts Deliver Justice? Part 4 By Yero Jallow “The invincibility of our cause and the certainty of our final victory are the impenetrable armor of those who consistently uphold their faith in freedom and justice in spite of political persecution” (Nelson Mandela. Culled from the web on 2/15/2015). Part 4…

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    Vision 2016 or Delusion 2016 – Anti-Rice Importation ....

    Vision 2016 or Delusion 2016 – Anti-Rice Importation Policy. By: PPP Media. Dictator Yaya Jammeh is attempting to re-invent the Economic wheel… You are all hereby forewarned! The rob Peter and pay Paul, monkey work and baboon chop economic policies have failed for all to see now. In the last budget speech of 2014, even…

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    How history will judge an Elitists’ indifference to a ....

                  By Demba Baldeh, Commentary History teaches us that no nation has ever been freed from the clutches  of tyranny, economic and social ruins without the direct or indirect  involvement of its elite class who has benefited the most from the  resources of that nation.  History and conventional norms…

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    What About Love

       By Momodou Ndow Do you remember that someone in your adolescent years who made your heart thump and hands sweat? Seeing them became terrifying and exhilarating. Would you see them at school? See them in the street? You hoped and prayed. But when your wishes were granted, and you got a glimpse of them,…

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    US policeman charged for pushing Indian man

    A US policeman has been charged with assault after a 57-year-old Indian man was thrown to the ground, an incident he says left him partially paralysed. Footage from police cameras shows a confrontation between Sureshbhai Patel and two officers in an Alabama suburb. Mr Patel speaks no English and tries to walk away from the…

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    Gambians Mourn Death of an Independent Nation 20 out of 50 ....

      By Sarjo Bayang For a president that seized power dislodging democratically elected government by force of guns in a coup, Yaya Jammeh has no moral justification and lacks all political sanity celebrating 50 years since Gambia became independent from colonial rule of Britain on 18 February 1965. There are serious crimes routinely committed by…

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    Breaking News: Alleged Coup Mastermind Cherno NJie Granted ....

      By Yero Jallow Mr. Cherno Njie, a Texas real estate developer, pleaded not guilty to charges brought against him by the United States Government in violation of the Neutrality ACT. Earlier last week both Papa Faal and Alhagie Barrow were granted conditional bail to a government monitored center in Minneapolis. Both accused are likely…

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  • Baba Galleh Jallow
    Independence? What Independence? From the Archives

      By Baba Galleh Jallow One of the most annoying things about being an African is watching despotic governments like Yahya Jammeh’s engage in bogus so-called independence celebrations. Millions of scarce dollars are spent in absolutely frivolous events to mark an independence that never was. So-called leaders like Yahya Jammeh should be ashamed of themselves…

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    In Court for their Sexuality: Alleged homosexuals deny any ....

      Three Gambians alleged to have been engaged in homosexual acts in the country and diverse places yesterday appeared at the High Court in Banjul before Justice Abi. The three suspects – Alieu Sarr, Momarr Sowe and Modou Lamin Bittaye – were charged with six counts of unnatural offences and conspiracy, which they all denied….

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  • demo3
    In Solidarity with GMDD!!

            The movement for Democracy and Development is organizing a protest  march in New York at the Gambian Mission offices to the UN. The  march is in solidarity with Gambians across the world who protested  on January 26th against the arbitrary arrest, detention of the family  members of the alleged December 30th coup…

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    The Right to Nationality in Africa

    Having a nationality is something most people take for granted – but to those who do not have one, this lack often sentences them to a life of discrimination, frustration and despair. This problem is much more wide-spread than many might think: it affects at least 10 million people worldwide, and every ten minutes another…

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    Remembering Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop – A Great African ....

    By Sainey Faye Born: December 29, 1923 …….Died : February 7, 1986…….On this date he passed away and joined the ancestors.He was one of Africa’s greatest thinkers of the twentieth century.Born in Diourbel, Senegal; Cheikh Anta Diop was a scientist, mathematician, and historian/anthropologist.He was a well known African historian, who authored many books on African…

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    The Gambia: President John Mahama and Gambia’s tyranny ....

      By Mathew K Jallow In the aftermath of the aborted effort to restore democracy and rule of law in the Gambia, the regional body charged with ensuring political stability and economic integration, did something rather dramatic and an antithesis to the objectives of the organization. The recent visit to the Gambia by ECOWAS chairman,…

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  • unnamed
    Was It A Compromised Mission?

      By Abdul Savage FIRST and FOREMOST, let me state here my position again, the thousandth time now, that I do not discount the use of force to take over a government. For God’s sake, Yaya Jammeh staged a coup, used force, to take over the previous government. SO, I do not discount it. Anything…

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    Freedom of Expression is Forbidden Here – ‘Book ....

                  By Foday Samateh “Six armed men wearing masks came to the printing works at 2:00 a.m., fired shots into the air, and ordered the employees to lie on the ground. One of them then set fire to the new press…completely destroying it.” The police didn’t investigate the crime much…

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  • FJM1
    The Gambia Coup: What A Miss!!

    In the aftermath of the alleged effort to dislodge the tyrannical regime of Yaya Jammeh, Fatou Jaw Manneh, a Gambian journalist and activist profiles Jammeh. Fatou who doubles as publisher of, is also a victim of the very tyrannical system. In her venting out piece and constant crying for justice, Fatou have the following…

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  • Fulbehat
    Cultural Loss: What will be for our successors?

    Cultural Loss: What will be for our successors? By Yero Jallow With the world getting to the next level of civilization and development, it is very easy to predict the loss of our valuable cultures in the near future, if a greater part has not been lost already. For those bored with the pounding of…

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  • Cherno-M.-Njie
    Will the Minnesota Federal Courts Deliver Justice? Part 3

    Will the Minnesota Federal Courts Deliver Justice? Part 3 By Yero Jallow The case for Cherno Njie, a Texas Real Estate businessman, has raised some questions. Our records show that Mr. Njie was arrested around the beginning of the year. The author of this piece gathered from reliable sources that the trio (Cherno Njie, Papa…

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    The Buhari of my personal experience

    By Ignatius C. Olisemeka Without ever knowing or meeting me, Buhari gave me a chance. As I now write, I have never met him one-on-one. We have never spoken to each other. It is an extraordinary experience of an unusual man. I was sitting on my desk in the Ministry of External Affairs, 40 Marina…

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  • KenyaFGM
    International Day of Zero Tolerance to Female Genital ....

        Press Statement    John Kerry Secretary of State    Washington, DC    February 6, 2015 I’ve been Secretary of State for two years now and in all my travels, one of the most horrific and searing things I’ve witnessed is seeing firsthand the destruction to young women’s lives wrought by female genital mutilation…

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  • Barack Obama Named President Of The Harvard Law Review
    Obama Was Breaking Barriers 25 Years Ago Today

      President Barack Obama became the first black president 25 years ago today — of the Harvard Law Review, that is. The New York Times shared a screenshot Friday of their 1990 profile of Obama, which ran after he became the first black student elected to preside over the Review. Obama was 28 years old…

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