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    My Reflection of the July 22nd Take Over

      The 20th Year Of The July 22 1994 Take Over On July 22nd 1994 (20 years ago) Yahya with fellow junior soldiers of The Gambia National Army overthrew Jawara and his seemingly indispensable People’s Progressive Party (PPP) government out of Banjul.  This was after almost 30 years in the dugout in Banjul but not…

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    Gambian Movement for Democracy and Development Condemns July 22nd Celebration

      Gambian Movement for Democracy and Development (GMDD) condemn in the strongest terms the Government of President Yahya Jammeh celebrating the July, 22nd 1994 Coup D’etat and call for the Restoration of Genuine Democracy and end Dictatorship in The Gambia:Gambians, friends of the Gambia, Democratic Governments and Human Rights Organizations worldwide are hereby called upon…

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    The Gambia: Celebration of two decades of murder, mayhem and misery

      The Gambia Consultative Council (GCC), an organization designed to raise awareness about the tyranny in The Gambia, unequivocally condemns the celebration of twenty years of senseless and merciless murder, executions, incarcerations, exile and forced disappearances of fellow citizens and non-citizens alike over the past two decades. The military regime, under Yahya Jammeh, has imposed…

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    Gambia Lost more than 20,000 Lives in Time Value over 20 Years; Evidence Suggests

      By Sarjo Bayang Cost of burden in keeping Yaya Jammeh as president for 20 years Critical assessment of damage incurred by Yaya Jammeh since 1994 reveals true life loss in thousands. This evidence is clear to see without complicated mathematics required. Gambia has a population pegged at 2 million. Everyone lost 20 years of…

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    CORDEG – Not a Single Gambian Family has gone untouched

      As we usher in yet another year of Yaya Jammeh’s brutal rule, CORDEG would like to express a heartfelt sympathy to all the families that have either lost loved ones, faced or continue to face persecution in the hands of this brutal regime. The sad reality is, not a single family in the Gambia, has…

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    Fatou Jaw Manneh –Dame of the Flaming Pen.

      Fatou Jaw-Manneh is a Gambian journalist and activist who received political asylum from the United States in 1994 and has lived in the U.S. ever since. She is a well-known member of the Gambian community in the U.S. and runs the popular news and politics website[1] She was the first female reporter at…

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    A United States of Africa? Not Yet

    An August summit in Washington aims to take some modest steps toward an old dream. The journalist and Black Nationalist leader Marcus Garvey wrote a poem about it. The reggae great Bob Marley sang about it. And the Libyan strongman Moammar Gadhafi poured his oil wealth into it. But none lived to see a United…

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    Twenty years of Jammeh’s tyranny has dawned upon our beloved Gambia!  Since that infamous day of July 22, 1994, many have been unwavering, whether publicly or silently in the stance that Jammeh and his Armed Forces Provisional Ruling Council (AFPRC) would hinder progress and freedom for the Gambia, and put the country on the wrong…

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    20 Years after coup, media freedom in the Gambia remains in crisis

      22 JULY 2014, WINDHOEK NAMIBIA – Today marks the 20th anniversary of the bloodless coup, which instated Yahya Jammeh as President of the Gambia. Often referred to as Africa’s last dictatorship, the Gambia is one of the most repressive States on the continent. On this significant anniversary, the Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) joins civil society…

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    And a good man died: A Tribute to Dr. Babou Ousman Jobe

      By Dr. Katim S. Touray Dr. Babou Ousman Jobe, former Director General (DG) of the National Agricultural Research Institute (NARI) died. He was 54 years old. To say that Dr. Jobe’s death, following an illness, was a big loss to our nation is a huge understatement. Physically, Dr. Jobe was an almost diminutive man,…

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