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    Former Finance Minister Mambury Njie has been rearrrested

      Gainako has confirmed from family that former Finance Minister Mambury Njie has been rearrested. Mr. Njie who has served in various high profile ministries was on July 3 acquitted and discharged by the High Court of The Gambia after undergoing several months of trial on a two-count charge of economic crime, and one count…

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    July 22 Revolution – Is there anything to celebrate?

    By D. A. Jawo   It is quite apparent that most Gambians regard the ongoing extravagant celebrations to mark the 20th anniversary of the July 22nd’ Revolution’ as not only unnecessary but a sheer waste of scarce public resources. Of course while President Jammeh and his small circle of enablers have quite a lot to…

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    Amid Threat of Deadly Ebola Virus and Failed Crop Season ....

                                  The world Health Organization describes it as the “deadliest virus” outbreak ever which kills over 90% of its victims. It has an incubation period of 21 days to fully blown and kill its victims. Already over 4,000 patients possibly more…

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    Gambians Mourn Death of National Economy and Finance ....

        ‘Focus on misplaced priorities set on broken pillars of falling economic super structure’ By Sarjo Bayang Deep biting economic hardship and financial meltdown that Gambians continue to suffer is at the extreme situation of thermal death for a nation in grief with no hope of redemption. Refusing to share the excruciating pain that…

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    Gainako Exclusive Interview with President Gambia Press ....

      GPU TO HOLD CONGRESS AND ELECTIONS BEFORE DECEMBER 31, 2014   In an exclusive written interview with the President of Gambia Press Union, Mr. Bai Emil Touray has said the Press Union will hold Congress and elect a new executive before December 31st, 2014. Mr. Touray was responding to a question on why there…

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    Africa: The Search for Identity

      The great African writer, Ngugi wa Thiong’o in his book, Decolonising the Mind, asserts the importance of language, the mother tongue, in a statement which I think is still valid today. And I quote: “How did we, as African writers, come to be so feeble towards the claims of our languages on us and…

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    Editorial: July 22nd – A one man revolution and a Mockery ....

                        Today the Gambian nation is said to be celebrating July 22nd as a revolutionary day that brought into power a military junta in 1994 which claims to have liberated the country from a government which had constitutionally ruled the tiny nation since Independence. The main…

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    Why is Shameless Samsudeen Sarr Taking on Imam Baba Leigh?

      Imam Baba Leigh should ignore the ranting and utterances of this opportunist fool who is trying to drag him into the mud. As a Muslim and an Imam I know Baba Leigh is well aware of the proverb “not fighting with pigs” because if one does, you only get dirty. I certainly cannot find…

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    The Doors of Reconciliation through An Open Dialogue Have ....

        I had a great opportunity on October 08th 2014 to officially meet the Gambian Ambassador to the U.S in charge d’affaires Mr. Sheikh Omar Faye, and Counselor to the Gambian embassy Mr. Hamba Manneh, to restart a process of reconciliation through an open dialogue for the Gambian people. Although Mr. Pierre Minteh the…

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    Jammeh Clan Fuming over Sam Sarr’s Pardon as Ansumana ....

      Highly place source from the State House in Banjul has informed Gainako that the Jammeh family is in flames over the recent pardon of Former Army Colonel Samsudeen Sarr during President Jammeh’s UN visit to New York. The source close to the Jammeh family indicated that Ansumana Jammeh is under intense pressure and attack…

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    Gambian Diaspora Open Discussion on the Way forward for ....

      As disenfranchise Stake holders and custodians of an important platform on Gambia’s national discourse, the Gambian Diaspora media is providing a platform in the form of a conference call inviting major stake holders of the Gambian Diaspora to discuss the WAY FORWARD FOR GAMBIA. The conference is designed to bring interest groups and individuals…

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    Breaking News: US Texas Ebola Patient has Died

      Thomas Eric Duncan, the Liberian man who had been diagnosed with Ebola in Dallas, Texas, died on Wednesday. He was 42. Duncan was the first person to have been diagnosed with the virus in the United States. He had been receiving the experimental drug Brincidofovir since Saturday. Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, where he was…

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    Why Amadou Sanneh and others deserve a Presidential Pardon

        Leaders around the world on traditional national occasions use their executive powers to review incarcerations in the nation and grand Pardons to deserving citizens who may or may not have committed crimes that they are being punished for. Section 82 of the 1997 Constitution of the Republic of The Gambia gives the President the…

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    Remembering George Padmore/The great Pan-Africanist

    By Sainey Faye There is an African saying that ……”A new broom sweeps clean, but an old broom, knows where the dirt is.” George Padmore …… Who Was George Padmore , The Great Pan-Africanist ?September 23, 1959 ……..George Padmore passed away in London, and was eulogized throughout the African diaspora and the motherland Africa.This great Pan-African giants contribution…

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    Full Text of Jammeh’s Eid Message:

    “We will never relent in our commitment to transform The Gambia into an ultra modern country”  Bismil Lahir Rahmanir Raheem My Muslim brothers and sisters Fellow Gambians, All thanks and praises be to the Almighty Allah for the opportunity to join other Muslims the world over in commemorating the feast of Eid-ul-Adha, more commonly known…

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    Pan-Africa for WHO? African Leaders A No Show on Ebola

      Pan-Africans say “Africa for Africans” and “we can take care of our own”. I have not seen the AU (African Union) in the vanguard of this Ebola fight anywhere neither have I seen any African leader taking the lead or attempting to lead the fight. The UN General Assembly held a session in NY…

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    Vision 2020 is Biggest Time Stealing Hoax of President Yaya ....

        It is unrealistic, undocumented, and certainly unfeasible **Sarjo Bayang insists the president is deceiving Gambians**   Gambian President Yaya is fast running out of tricks. He promised transforming a nation relying on peanuts as cash crop into world class economy of superpower ranking. This fantasised wild dream of making the impossible happen is…

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    Open Letter to the Opposition Parties from the Diaspora

    Unite or Perish! Unite or Diaspora Boycott! For those who still believe in elections as an option ­ and a strategy (to remove Dictator Yaya Jammeh from power in the Gambia in 2016), cannot be happy with the recent public temper tantrum coming from the opposition side, in Banjul.   If recent rumblings in the Gambia…

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    A Dream Deferred: The African Union at 10 Years Old

        By Thabo Mbeki In his famous poem, ‘Harlem’, first published in 1951, the eminent African American poet, writer, thinker and activist, Langston Hughes, asked challenging questions when he wrote: What happens to a dream deferred? Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun? Or fester like a sore – And then…

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  • swift-implementation-of-tsm-migration-measures-is-crucial-manuel-mallia-20131205
    CORDEG’s Letter on Gambian Refugees facing Imminent ....

      FAO: Hon. Dr. George Vella Minister for Foreign Affairs of Malta   C/O: Ministry of Foreign Affairs Palazzo Parisio Merchant Street Valletta Malta VTL 1171 By Email to: info@mfa@gov.mt 28 September 2014 Hon. Dr Vella, Gambian Refugees facing Imminent Removal to The Gambia It has come to the attention of Committee for the Restoration of Democracy…

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    Kibaaro’s Bai Sankareh arrested by NIA agents at the ....

      Reports reaching Gainako has it that Ousainou Bai Sankareh a member of Kibaaronews online newspaper base in London UK has been arrested by NIA agents upon arrival at the Banjul International Airport October 1st, 2014. Mr. Sankareh according to Kibaaro’s press release published on their website today, Bai Sankareh was traveling to Banjul to…

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