The 3rd Beginning Spending Spree However, Whose Money is it?


 We have come forward based on some regret and remorse attended to the introduction of ‘The Five Points of Recognition – The Will of the People as outlined in The Three Beginning. Please accept our regret.

There is no longer a country Owned by ONE (1) nor should it be owned by a ‘Bakers Dozen’. The spending of money, especially that of other people is easy, while actually earning it is somewhat harder. 

The Bakers Dozen (No disrespect intended) act as if they have won a lottery. Perhaps you may have seen one of those presentation whereby a poster size large amount check is showing to the viewing audience while backstage the tax officials are waiting for a massive share and the surprise that there is no Bulk payment – but annual ones from the balance, Later the tabloids will review the now bankrupt winner with questions of what happened. “It was all of the family, friends, lawyers, investment agents, bankers offering loans and Stupid Spending. It’s all gone”.

At the end of the 2nd Beginning, the Central Bank gave the NAM’s details of the national debt. Yep, D47,000,000,000 or 1 Billion US Dollars for 22 Years of Grief. Now in the 9th Month of their own pregnancy the Bakers Dozen have committed (By their own statements and of the Statehouse) an added 1 Billion USD. Where will the first Billion come from?

The country belongs to all Gambians, not a Bakers Dozen. It includes that baby born today to Ami, Mariama and Isatou. What shape the country will be in when they reach maturity is up to you. At that same Bakau on the last night of campaigning. We saw and felt the Surge of people in the thousands, seeking to end the 22 years. There was no shouting, rowdy or violent behavior within that mass of Real Gambians. When you vote, it is Gambling. One believes the party or person will do what the voter hopes for and when they do not, one has rolled the dice and lost. So now one must do more than speak up, one must act. We prodded some people into marching up to NAWEC and WOW a real protest is forming. Can the BD’s avoid such action by promising to spend out of the Dark and water shortage? Doubtful, as the Dice will be loaded against them.

Statehouse spokesperson outlined some of the Spending Agenda. We submit here alternatives.


They have planned for Two New Luxury 500 Room Hotels to be built. Not more than 3 years ago, it was stated by a well-appointed Woman, that there were 400,000 guest beds in the country. We submit, let the outside investors take the surplus hotels (Left by the Libyans or seized ones) and refurbish those. Also, show them Makasuku Mandina Nature resort and offer them to build like that on the river at Georgetown, Basse or points in between, That is what real tourists want to see and where they will Spend in the interior. The beach lovers are another Story, as is the Thomas Cook year round. Most Brits will tell TC does not advertise or Promote The Gambia. 


The Dalasis is a blocked currency; it may be exchanged in limited amounts in neighboring areas but it did not leave the country In mass as some have indicated. There is a potential to right a number of wrongs. Parties that have lost their pension or compounds or business seized should be entitled to Just Compensation by being promptly vetted and listed for it as funds are recovered, Waiting until funds are (Sometime from now until whenever) made available does not give and credibility to the verbal effort.

There was much behind the “Economic Superpower’ talk. If one does not believe the petroleum saga, then ask the Bakers Dozen why they are pushing to oust African Petroleum’s contract and AP is taking it to International Arbitration to protect their massive investment and shareholders for the claimed Billion Plus barrels offshore. Or why the Russian foreign minister Lavrov stated that his country looks forward to participating in the vast Senegambia Offshore basin. Free Education, Healthcare and Whatnot is not so far-fetched after all; it could be like Kuwait was! The real question is WHO do they want to put in place of AP and WHY?

If it is the Chinese, then know that trouble follows the Chinese investments throughout Africa as the West (USA) has a long standing Containment Policy to hold back Chinese economic growth.

Terrorism where oil is being developed. Ebola where large mining investment is lodged, etc. A wakeup should be the fish processing plant. When the 60 odd containers were being unloaded, a Chinese director called an expat experienced in Boiler installation. The expat checked for his requirements and stated he would come back with his assist. That evening the Chinese called him and said ‘If he is a Blackman do not bring him’. Magnify this by the Port Expansion, the Expo center, the potential bridge and on it goes – perhaps into Petroleum?


When the vote was finalized, opposition became the Rule and the former Rule and Another are the new opposition. The numbers show over 350,000 and yet not one was offered a single post in the New Gambia. Some or many may disagree however; wise minds will tell you that some or more posts should have been offered to the Two now Outside parties to at least attempt at Harmony.

Perhaps it is asking for too much, but in good faith of the Oath, some should resign now or stood down. An oath is an Oath and worth its weight in trust. Although trust does not mean very much until someone threatens to take it away.

You may make a difference by adding your own action in support/

Harmony versus Discord – Checks and Balance to end the Shopping Spree.

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