The Gambia: postscript to the unshackling of a people and the challenges of liberty


By Mathew K Jallow

The fog of tyranny has been lifted off our lives. In the end, political shrewdness and moral courage interfaced to change the course of Gambian history. On the one hand, an unapologetically defiant population that mirrored the banality of a wrenched life lived on the brink of intellectual paralysis; an invisible political morass that consumed Gambia for so long. And on the other, an ECOWAS reborn to assault a story of dystopia and perhaps give rise to a new political paradigm. December, 1, 2016, was not an ephemeral festival of liberty; it was a long-lasting celebration of freedom and presented escape from the tragedy unfolding on the front-pages of the human experience. But, for one seemingly endless moment in time, the events of December, 2, felt like a Shakespearian drama fraught with suspense, uncertainties, twists and turns, but with an uncanny ability to free the soul and restore the dignity of man. Eventually, ambivalence and uncertainty gave way to an awareness that nothing in Gambia will remain the same again. The political haze had now lifted, and I could peer into the distant solitude and see mysterious silhouettes dance to Jaliba Kuyateh’s intoxicating Kora rhythms, or just as easily get lost in Hocha Jallow’s … Read full story here


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